The Connected Brand Episode 3: Get to the Point
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The Connected Brand Episode 3: Get to the Point

Uncover the process of how the best brands, personal or otherwise, are always communicating those core pillars through every piece of content they create. in this episode of The Connected Brand.
MK Getler

MK Getler,

"If you are endlessly curious, my posts have to have a lot of 'What do you think?' 'What do you see?' 'How do you remain happy in your job?' That's my curiosity speaking this truth." - Andrea Lechner-Becker

Self-described “thought wrangler”, Andrea Lechner-Becker is helping brands big and small stick the landing on their audience activation. 

During this episode, MK chats with Andrea about her own journey of becoming more authentic in her career and how that’s playing into her work with clients today. The conversation is exceptionally practical and you’ll leave with tons of advice that any person or brand looking to declutter their ideas and craft compelling hooks to reach their audience can learn from.

One note before you dig in: there is a bit of spicy language in this episode (but nothing you haven’t heard on HBO).

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Show Notes

  • Andrea's career journey and the influential mentors who helped shape her path, from selling dog art to working for the Phoenix Suns and LeadMD. [00:46]
  • The power of curiosity and excitability in building a successful career, even when entering unfamiliar territory like B2B marketing. [05:52]
  • The challenge of remaining authentic in professional settings and the pivotal moment when Andrea embraced her true self in an executive meeting. [11:06]
  • The process of reframing negative feedback into positive attributes that form the core of an authentic personal brand. [23:37]
  • Andrea's three fundamental truths: relatability, endless curiosity, and a forensic attention to detail. [31:28]
  • The importance of limiting your core brand pillars to three to avoid paralysis and maintain consistency in your content. [29:34]
  • How Andrea's content allows audiences to try on a different perspective and see the value in her detailed, curiosity-driven approach. [34:46]
  • The practice of "thought wrangling" - helping thought leaders declutter their ideas and focus on clear, compelling hooks. [35:58]
  • The role of surprise and even controversy in crafting engaging content that stands out from the crowd. [36:56]
  • Balancing platform-specific tricks with authentic messaging to build an audience and deliver value. [42:02]
  • The power of surrounding yourself with the right people and fostering meaningful relationships through work. [43:01]
  • Reframing the 9-to-5 as an incredible opportunity for growth, stability, and purpose. [45:44]
  • How to connect with Andrea on LinkedIn for guidance on discovering your fundamental truths and building an authentic brand. [48:31]

About The Connected Brand

Each episode of Connected Brand will pivot on a single thesis: authentic human connection plays a huge role in fostering sustainable growth and success for every single brand today.

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