The Connected Brand Episode 1: Fanning the Flame
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The Connected Brand Episode 1: Fanning the Flame

Christina Garnett, eMBA joins host MK Getler in our inaugural episode of Connected Brand with one question on their minds: How can brands create meaningful moments that make people feel seen, heard and part of something bigger than themselves?
MK Getler

MK Getler,

"Ask yourself this. What will make them feel seen and heard? That's it." — Christina Garnett, eMBA

After working with small businesses and huge, Fortune 500 enterprises alike, Christina Garnett  knows a connected brand when she sees one.  

In this very special premier episode of Connected Brand, host MK Getler and Christina discuss what brands have nailed connecting with their audiences and which, well, may need a bit of work. Together, they discuss the importance of understanding human behavior, respecting customers’ time and feedback, and going above and beyond to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Christina's insights and infectious enthusiasm will leave you inspired to take your customer relationships to the next level. And if you want to hear more from Christina, she’s also the creator of the "Fan of the Fans" podcast and newsletter, as well as the "Woman's MBA Podcast."

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Show Notes

  • Christina's diverse career journey and her passion for understanding human behavior and creating exceptional customer experiences. [00:39]
  • The importance of accessibility and relatability in building a strong brand, as exemplified by HubSpot's leadership. [02:51]
  • How HubSpot's customer-centric culture permeates throughout the organization, even among so-called “non-customer-facing” teams. [03:03]
  • Christina's approach to customer marketing at HubSpot, focusing on understanding what makes customers feel valued and appreciated. [05:56]
  • The concept of treating customers like influencers and the impact it can have on brand loyalty and advocacy. [08:11]
  • The disconnect between community builders and business leaders, and the need for a balanced approach that serves both the community and the business. [15:20]

About The Connected Brand

Each episode of Connected Brand will pivot on a single thesis: authentic human connection plays a huge role in fostering sustainable growth and success for every single brand today.

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