The Connected Brand Episode 2: People Over Everything
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The Connected Brand Episode 2: People Over Everything

What’s it take to forge long-lasting connections with your audience? Well, you’ve got to put them first. Mark Kilens and Nick Bennett of TACK join this episode of Connected Brand to show you how.
MK Getler

MK Getler,

“[Many brands] are missing all the very, very important work that needs to be done in the middle. Bringing people together.” — Mark Kilens

Mark Kilens and Nick Bennett are co-founders of TACK GTM, a media and go-to-market firm helping startups and scaleups match how they go-to-market to how people buy. With 25 years experience between the two of them, they’ve seen and felt the pressure B2B companies face when it comes to go-to-market. 

The solution they’ve found? Putting people first. 

In this episode of Connected Brand, Nick and Mark sit down with host MK Getler to talk about what it means to have a "people-first" go to market strategy. The discussion covers the core tenets of this approach, the importance of fostering genuine relationships, and using storytelling to truly connect with your core audience.

Nick and Mark aren’t just out there talking the talk with their clients. They’re walking the walk. You’ll hear exactly how they’re helping brands like ZoomInfo, Swoogo, and Terminus revolutionize their audience engagement strategies, build communities, and more.

If you want to learn more about Mark, Nick, and TACK, be sure to check out the TACK Network, Club PF, and their website,

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Show Notes

  • Mark Kilens and Nick Bennett's journey from working separately with MK to joining forces and co-founding TACK. [00:46]
  • The genesis of the "people first" ideology and how it led to the creation of Club PF and TACK. [02:24]
  • Defining "people-first" as a strategy that uses storytelling, relationships, and partnerships to create, capture, and convert demand into revenue. [06:32]
  • The importance of a company's culture, values, and beliefs in shaping its brand reputation and go-to-market approach. [09:38]
  • Practical tips for making marketing more human, such as avoiding stock photos and sending emails from actual people. [14:26]
  • The people-first GTM methodology: using three channels (community-led, member-led, and customer-led growth), three types of offers, and an overall partnership strategy. [16:48]
  • How TACK helped ZoomInfo understand and build their own community, the Modern GTM Community, by leveraging content-led growth and event-led growth. [18:59]
  • The difference between community-led growth (rented communities) and member-led growth (owned communities), and the importance of creating an explicit opt-in for membership. [22:42]
  • Swoogo’s success with content-led growth and event-led growth, using a maturity model as a cornerstone asset and repurposing content to fuel the buyer's journey. [26:05]
  • The power of partnering with creators and influencers to borrow trust and authority, and the need for B2B brands to move away from transactional relationships. [32:55]
  • Terminus's shift from a transactional sponsorship to a full-fledged partnership strategy with TACK, focusing on webinars and LinkedIn content. [35:30]
  • The importance of originality in creating a unique rally cry for your brand, moving beyond product commoditization. [40:47]
  • How AI can be leveraged to enhance empathy and create original content by connecting dots in new ways. [41:55]
  • The role of values in guiding a company's practices and reinforcing its purpose, setting it apart from competitors. [42:23]
  • How to connect with Mark, Nick, and TACK through the TACK Network, ClubPF, and their website, [44:12]

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Each episode of Connected Brand will pivot on a single thesis: authentic human connection plays a huge role in fostering sustainable growth and success for every single brand today.

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