Ashley Levesque, VP of Marketing

How Banzai encourages employee connection with Loop & Tie

with Ashley Levesque, VP of Marketing



About Banzai

Banzai is a B2B SaaS company supporting marketers with the tools they need, including Demio, a data-driven webinar platform that helps teams host engaging events.

Employee rewards are the future of internal engagement

At Banzai, Ashley Levesque and the executive team believe in keeping their workforce in engaged and connecting with one another of a regular basis. Not every all hands meeting needs to be performance based. 

“Teams play games and challenges to win gifts and prizes. Loop & Tie enables team members to pick what they love and that allows us to learn a little bit more about our employees,” says Ashley.

Gifting around the globe to remote teammates

For Ashley, the experience is as important as the gift itself. Making sure all the details are accounted for is what kept them from building out a gifting program. It’s a lot of work for a team to take on.

“We were not gifting before Loop & Tie because we have team members located in 20 different countries around the world and we couldn’t find a platform that would allow us to send quality gifts to team members regardless of where they are located.”

“We don’t want things to get stuck in customs, especially during the busy holiday season. This is a really important moment for us to show gratitude and we want it to be perfect.”

Wide gift selection makes employees feel included

Letting employees choose their own gift was one of the main reasons Ashley chose to partner with Loop & Tie.

“Our employees are not a one-size-fits-all kind of team. Each person is different and individual, and we wanted the opportunity to offer them something that reflected their uniqueness.”

Your employees are different and their gifts should be too. By allowing your team members to pick their own perfect gift, you’re connecting with them on a whole new level. Gone are the days of the same old logo tee, we love offering gifts that are sourced from small and local businesses, and more likely to actually be useful to the recipient. 

Living out core values in practice 

Loop & Tie aligns well with all of Banzai’s core values, but particularly with their tenet of serving others. To Ashley and the leadership team, this means providing team members with opportunities to leverage that value in their communities.

“We love the opportunity to donate our gifts back to charitable organizations that are meaningful to our team members through Loop & Tie! It’s a huge way for us to operationalize those values in real time, ” says Ashley. 

Building individual employee relationships with gratitude

Not only are the gifts unique to each employee, but employees can also send a personalized thank you note back to the gifter! 

Inside her Loop & Tie Dashboard, Ashley can see Thank You Notes pouring in after a big send. The immediate feedback she receives from her team include messages like, “I’ve been wanting this” and “OMG this gift speaks to me!”

Ashley also mentions that being able to see what her teammates pick out for themselves coupled with their thank you note gives her more insight into what they like and who they are. 

Gifting isn’t just for big companies with big budgets

“Loop & Tie offers a suite of different budget options for companies. There’s even a free plan, which is so helpful to small startups who often think gifting is superfluous.”

Gifting has become a go-to tactic for engaging with the right people, employees and customers alike. It’s important to us to be able to scale with companies as they grow but also be a viable option for companies just getting started on their gifting and gratitude journey.

“You don’t have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars just for a platform—and then pay for the gifts. You can just pay for the gifts!“ 

Because Loop & Tie supports companies of all sizes, Ashley feels that it’s really easy to “just try it out.” There’s no huge contract blocking you from seeing the success a gifting program can bring to your business. 

“Especially for companies looking to cut down their tech stacks and get less complicated with their workflows, this solution is an easy-to-use, super intuitive platform that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg.”

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