The Connected Brand Episode 6: Superabound
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The Connected Brand Episode 6: Superabound

Ready to learn a new word and a new way of thinking? The authors of Superabound join host MK Getler on this episode of The Connected Brand. Expect loads of inspiration from this one.
MK Getler

MK Getler,

“Superabound is right on the edge of almost too much. But when you direct that energy well, and you use your resources in ways that actually are supportive to you and what you're trying to create, it's a beautiful thing.” -Erin Aquin & Steve Haase

Believe it or not, superabound is actually a real word meaning very or too abundant. It’s also the name of the book of this week’s guests, Steve Haase and Erin Aquin, authors of Superabound. 

In this engaging conversation with host MK Getler, Erin and Steve share their game-changing Superabound framework, guiding you to align your values, desires, and vision to create an authentic, abundant life and brand. They drop some serious knowledge on practical, actionable strategies to help you cultivate patience, embrace discomfort, and trust your inner wisdom, empowering you to make better decisions and forge stronger connections. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a brand builder, or simply someone seeking a more fulfilling life, Erin and Steve's wisdom will guide you to unlock your true potential and create a life and brand that overflow with abundance and purpose.

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Show Notes

  • The story behind Erin and Steve's wellness barn, transformed from a dilapidated structure into a serene space for yoga, meditation, and coaching retreats. [00:40]
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of e-commerce unexpectedly aligned to support Erin and Steve's vision for their property and coaching business. [02:33]
  • The meaning behind the term "Superabound" and its connection to the idea of overflowing with abundance when energy is directed well. [05:05]
  • The importance of vision in leadership and its power to inspire others to contribute to the realization of a shared goal. [07:51]
  • The key differences between visionary leaders who can articulate and share their vision effectively and those who struggle to bring their vision to fruition. [10:39]
  • The role of overcommunication in creating a container for people to find themselves within a shared vision, from company walls and wikis to product design and town halls. [13:02]
  • The three main points of a worthy vision: it's big, it can be recognized in every important milestone, and it requires you to grow by becoming more of who you are. [18:00]
  • The importance of taking time each day to connect with your future self and consider what impact you want to have, using tools like visionary practice and journaling. [13:27]
  • The power of honoring your authentic emotions and vulnerabilities, both within yourself and your team, to create a space of belonging and psychological safety. [28:22]
  • The significance of self-investment and recovery in building resilience and achieving long-term success, much like athletes who prioritize rest and downtime. [31:12]
  • The value of starting your day by considering your desired impact and how it aligns with your bigger vision, rather than immediately diving into work or checking your phone. [33:40]
  • The importance of honoring your authentic self, desires, and values in building a connected life and brand. [38:56]
  • Practical strategies for cultivating patience and sitting with discomfort, including journaling, meditation, and self-reflection. [33:40]
  • The power of asking yourself what you truly want and desire, even in small moments, to build self-trust and a deeper relationship with your intuition. [38:47]
  • The idea of vision as a practice or muscle that must be developed through consistent questioning, self-connection, and action. [39:24]

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Each episode of Connected Brand will pivot on a single thesis: authentic human connection plays a huge role in fostering sustainable growth and success for every single brand today.

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