5 of our best tips for sending gifts to customers (+how to make it happen)
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5 of our best tips for sending gifts to customers (& how to make it happen)

Successfully deliver unique, impactful gifts to customers and clients by following these 5 best practices.
Erin Fry

Erin Fry,

Sending gifts is a great way to keep clients engaged with your company throughout the customer journey.

A thank you gift is a great tactic to show appreciation to a customer for their patience as a problem is resolved or around the holidays. Taking that extra step will leave a favorable impression and can help build brand affinity, and ultimately, customer loyalty.

Regardless of the gifting occasion, there are a few things you should know to make sure your gift surprises and delights your customers. Keep these best practices in mind when gifting to customers.

1. Align the gifts you send to customers with your company values

Customers are quick to hold businesses accountable for not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk. Make sure the vendors you do business with are supporting or in alignment with your values and initiatives.

For example, if your company promotes holidays and days of recognition such as Black History Month, International Women's Day, Earth Day, and Pride, your gifting practices can include sourcing gifts from BIPOC business owners, women-owned businesses, LGBTQ+-owned businesses, and carbon neutral, sustainable gifts.

Take it a step further! If environmental sustainability is important to your business, look for sustainable materials or eco-friendly gift packaging options when selecting a gift. If giving back is central to your core values, choose gifts from companies that donate part of their proceeds or give back in other ways.

We think about the amount of environmental resources that are needed to help us sell gifts. We consider how we can balance what we’re getting – things like cardboard, packing materials, and shipping resources – and how we can replenish and respect those resources.
- Sara Rodell, Founder & CEO @ Loop & Tie

When sending gifts to customers, it is important that they reflect your company's values and those of the recipient. By taking the time to understand what your company stands for, you can create a list of core values that will help guide your selection of trendy gifts.

This way, you can make sure that every gift reflects both what matters most to the customer and what matters most to you as a business.

2. Give the gift of choice

Gifting customers is a great way to show your appreciation and build meaningful connections. But, getting a gift for someone you're just starting a business relationship with can be tricky.

With a choice-based gifting platform like Loop & Tie, your lucky recipient is prompted by your gift email to "choose your own gift" from a curated collection.

choose your own gift website

Businesses in the United States are expected to spend $306 billion on corporate gifting by 2024— and most of that money is headed for a landfill. We're on a mission to reduce financial and environmental waste through choice.

When you give recipients the freedom to pick their own gift, it's more likely to become part of their household (not their trash pile).

Giving the gift of choice allows you to avoid:

❌ Sending a gift that doesn't align with your recipients lifestyle, interests, or values.

❌ Your gifts not reaching the intended recipient.

❌ Getting lost among other generic items such as gift baskets and swag sent by other vendors.

Each client is different, so allow your gifts to celebrate their differences by letting them choose something they will use. By giving a gift of choice, you'll make sure that a meaningful gift is delivered or donated to the individual you're trying to connect with. It'll also help you stand out among other vendors that may be sending stereotypical gift baskets.

By giving them the ability to choose their own unique gift, you can also learn a bit about their personal interests, which helps nurture and grow long-term relationships with your customers.

Tie Tip: If you're curious about the gift selection Loop & Tie offers, check out our lists of the best corporate gifts, ranging from $25 to $250, and high end corporate gifts, starting at $250.

3. Understand gifting compliance, bribery laws, and company policies

Before you send gifts to customers, it is important to understand the gifting compliance, bribery laws, and company policies related to your business.

Be aware of what is legally allowed in terms of gift giving, as well as any taxation implications that may arise. Additionally, businesses should be familiar with local laws and regulations regarding gifting.

Can you send gifts to clients?

The short answer is yes! However, client gifting activities need to be done in a way that is compliant with any regulations and policies relevant to your industry and job. If you're working with individuals who are elected or serve in an official capacity, you'll need to consider the bribery law that applies.

Essentially, you cannot give or offer anything to a government employee with the intent to influence any official act or encourage them to act unlawfully, such as committing fraud. Different industries have different regulations to follow, and of course, the IRS has their policy around tax deductible client gifting so we recommend consulting with your legal teams to make sure you're not inadvertently violating policies.

What is the gift-giving protocol in business?

Gift giving protocol in business can vary between companies and countries. It is important to understand the difference between business gifts and personal gifts.

Businesses must also consider any company gifting policies or restrictions. Make sure you check with your legal department or compliance team if there are any limitations on what type of presents can be given out.

Gifting compliance and bribery laws exist to protect both businesses and customers from unlawful activities such as kickbacks or bribes. Companies must make sure that they are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations when sending presents to clients—even small tokens of appreciation can have serious repercussions if done incorrectly! By familiarizing yourself with these regulations and policies, you will help ensure that your gifting practices remain compliant while still showing client appreciation through thoughtful gifts.

Here are some additional resources:

4. Consider whether your client is home, at the office, or traveling

In a world where people have hybrid schedules and more flexibility to work from anywhere, knowing your client's location is key when trying to send them a gift.

The idea of spraying and praying gifts can be financially and environmentally wasteful if it sits in a mailroom or worse, receives the dreaded "return to sender". There's also a greater chance that if your gift is sent to an office, that others outside the intended recipient will take or use the gift.

If you use Loop & Tie to send the gift collections, gifts are sent via email allowing the recipient to entier their own physical address and confirm where their gift is sent themselves. This means you don't have to worry about where your client is located, all you need is their email address! Plus, it's eco-friendly with our carbon regenerative gifting practices!

When sending gifts to clients, their location will also give you a better idea of which gift collection to choose. Are they at working from home full-time, in an office environment, or getting ready for a week OOO?

gifts for customers

Think about comfort items that could make their day-to-day experience more pleasant, such as a french press for the remote worker or unique desk decor pieces for in-person clients. For customers who are traveling, gifts could reflect their journey and needs on the road. Consider a cushy neck pillow for the plane ride or a new book to pass the time.

Ultimately, your goal is to give customers something useful but still thoughtful and meaningful.

*Tie Tip: On top of the standard price-based gift collections, Loop & Tie offers themed collections like Housewarming, Self Care, Shop Small, and Out of Office!

5. Include a personal message

Including a personalized message with each gift is maybe the most important part of showing customer appreciation. Whether you're welcoming a new client or renewing an existing one, a heartfelt note can add a special touch to the gift and make the customer feel valued and appreciated. When crafting a personalized message, it is important to customize it to the recipient to show that the present was chosen with them in mind.

The message should be short but meaningful. It should convey your gratitude for their loyalty and reflect your company values. For example, you could include phrases such as "thank you for being a loyal customer" or "we appreciate your business".

personal note for customer gift

Including a personalized note with each gift opens up an opportunity to thank them for their continued support and share stories about how they have helped shape your business throughout its journey so far. Additionally, writing a personalized message is a great way to keep communication open between you and customers, which will help strengthen customer loyalty in the long run.

By taking the extra step of writing a customized note, companies can quickly differentiate themselves from competitors while developing connections with customers that are built on trust and mutual respect.

How to send great gifts to your customers

Regardless of when you send gifts to your customers, the important thing is to showcase your appreciation for them. Remember: a little bit goes a long way. As long as you're willing to put a little thought into the gifting experience you want to create, the resulting impact of your gift will last a while.

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