The most unforgettable & unique corporate gifts (ideas from $25-$250)
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The most unforgettable & unique corporate gifts (ideas from $25-$250)

Stop giving the same old gifts to your customers and employees. These unique corporate gift ideas from small businesses are perfect for your one-of-a-kind recipients.
Bridget Poetker

Bridget Poetker, Director of Growth

When it comes to corporate gifting, one size does not fit all.

It's important to think about what your clients and employees will actually want. If you just give everyone the same gift, it's not very personal, is it? Everyone is different and your gifts should be too.

Whether you're looking for a small creative gift for $25 or a high-end gift for $250, finding the perfect gift that will leave a lasting impression can be challenging. But with the right resources and guidance, you can easily find unforgettable corporate gifts that are both memorable and budget friendly.

[fs-toc-omit]Unique corporate gifts leave a lasting impression on clients & employees

With a gift-of-choice platform like Loop & Tie, sending unique, personal corporate gifts to each individual is easy. In fact, it's baked into our business model. Every gift you send through Loop & Tie is personalized to your lucky recipient because they actually choose their own gift.

On top of that, our gift selection is carefully curated by our team of buying experts. Gifts on the Loop & Tie Marketplace are sourced from small and local businesses. We work closely with our vendors to provide the highest quality items.

Plus, our team is adding new gifts to the marketplace weekly to keep up with consumer trends. That means you'll find trendy gifts on our gifting platform that you won't find in others and it full of products your recipients would buy for themselves.

The gifts in the Loop & Tie collections are more unique and elevated than other gifting companies. Gifting through Loop & Tie feels personal. My colleagues could choose items that felt special to them—things they actually wanted.
-Kendra C., Senior Program Manager

In a world where customers and employees have more options than ever, you need to show appreciation for their loyalty and hard work, especially on occasions outside of sending corporate holiday gifts at the end of the year.

Thoughtful corporate gifting can be an effective way to do just that. Not only do they demonstrate your appreciation for your clients and teammates, but they also create strong relationships, increase brand recognition, and serve as a reminder of your company's values and mission.

How to send personalized, unique gifts with Loop & Tie

As the gift giver, you select a gift collection based on budget, brand, vibe, or special occasion! For example, if your direct report is under the weather and out sick, you could send them the Self Care Gift Collection. Other themed collections include Happy Birthday, Out of Office, BIPOC-owned, Shop Small, and more.

Here's how Loop & Tie works:

For the gift giver

  1. Pick a gift collection: browse by price-point to send the perfect set of gifts for your recipient to choose from
  2. Customize the experience: make the experience even more memorable with your custom logo, email design, and gift message
  3. Send with just an email address: choose a send date and add their email; we'll collect their mailing address on redemption

For the gift recipient

  1. Delivered straight to their inbox: recipients read your personalized email and follow your custom prompt to choose their gift
  2. They pick their own gift: with choice-based gifting, your recipient shops and selects an item from the gift collection or donates to charity
  3. They enter their physical address: your recipients provide their physical address and add an optional thank you note. We'll send them a shipping confirmation and handle the rest!
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[fs-toc-omit]Unique corporate gifts for $25

[fs-toc-h2]Gifts for $25

Don't worry if you don't have a huge budget. It is totally possible to find great gifts for $25, and sometimes all your clients need is a small token of appreciation. It's truly the thought that counts! Here are the best gifts for $25:

For the coworker with a green thumb

Monstera Leaf 3D Printed Planter from Rosebud Homegoods

3D Printed Planters provide great aeration for plants when planted directly into them, as they balance the nitrogen in the soil! The prints are made from upcycled plant-based materials like corn, beets and wheat grass. Lightweight and Durable, these planters are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Each planter is made to order and has unique features. 4 inch pot.

For the client with a home office

8 oz Seasonal Scent Artisan Candle from Vellabox

Each candle is made with 100% natural wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrance. Carefully curated design and eco-conscious packaging provide a superior unboxing experience. This is a one time shipment which includes an 8 oz candle with 50+ hours of burn & a small surprise gift.

For the teammate who loves a party theme

Edible Glitter Packets from Fancy Sprinkles

Effortlessly transform any moment—and your drink—by adding FANCY SPRINKLES®️ Fancy Edible Glitter Packets to beverages, bubbly, and cocktails! With new packets, you can pour up an instant celebration with glittery beverages anywhere. From brunch and picnics in the park, to poolside sips and a night out in Vegas, Fancy Edible Glitter Packets are the new must-have party starter.

For the customer with a garden

Dahlia Flower Bulb from Plantgem

Dahlias are towering beauties of the summer garden, coming into bloom around mid-summer to steal the show with a stunning array of colors and shapes. Each dahlia is shipped as a full clump that can be divided into multiple individual tubers (which will each make its own plant) or can be planted together as one clump. Includes 1 full clump of tubers, with planting instructions and a wooden plant marker.

For the grillmaster boss

Original Grillight LED Spatula

The Stainless Steel LED Grilling Spatula is a standard size which makes it great for any griller. Never worry about grilling in the dark again! The super bright LED flashlight built directly into handle has the perfect aim to light up your whole grill. The light is designed to mimic the afternoon sun so you always see the true color of your food.

[fs-toc-omit]Creative corporate gifts for $50

[fs-toc-h2]Gifts for $50

With a $50 gifting budget, you give your recipients more options to pick from! This price point is great for saying "thank you", "welcome home", and more. Here are the best gifts for $50:

For the much needed screen break

Puzzles from Apostrophe Puzzles

Puzzles have come a long way from kittens and windmills, but the industry remains painfully lacking in diversity. Apostrophe's puzzles aim to bridge the gap of accessibility to fine art, and were created with the knowledge that the work of artists of color is valuable, desirable, and profitable. They believe that art appreciation is not only for the wealthy, and that the future of art consumerism is one in which everyone can participate.

For the colorful coworker

Wind Resistant Umbrella from Original Duckhead

A bit of whimsy in an everyday item makes life a lot more fun. These umbrellas from London based brand, Original Duckhead, add a big dose of cheer to even the gloomiest days with their vibrant sustainable fabrics. Large enough to keep you dry but compact enough to pack in a tote. Made with 100% recycled materials and designed to last. Automatic open button for easy deployment. Solid wood handle made from sustainably sourced birch wood.

For the deep work

Productivity Gummies from ASYSTEM

An all-natural, daily gummy to sharpen focus and promote flow state, combining cutting-edge clinical ingredients with the best that nature has to offer, along with a design approach rooted in behavioral psychology. Promotes 5+ hours of productivity through clinically-backed ingredient - Suntheanine®. Includes 32 Wildberry flavored gummies.

For the very clean work from homer

3-Month MightyFix Clean Living Subscription

Each month, MightyNest will send you one of their favorite clean and green products so you can start making changes that are better for you and the planet. They gather the very best with over 1,500 carefully curated solutions so you can discover new ways to ditch disposables, replace plastic and eliminate toxins from your life.They ship their products in minimal, post-consumer recycled and recyclable packaging, and their products are never tested on animals. Everything has passed their team’s strict criteria, is lead-safe, and is free from toxic ingredients including BPA, PVC, phthalates, melamine, formaldehyde, flame retardants and parabens.

For the creative bringing things to life

3D Printing Pen from PiKA3D

The Most Agile 3D Pen: Pika Super is lightweight and compact, allowing you to model you 3D creations in new ways! It's easy to create simple shapes in 3D and use the figures to build and construct more detailed objects or structures. To start, just plug in the pen, choose your filament color and bring your 3D creation to life. Includes 1 Pika3D Super Pen, 1 stencil guide, and 4 colors (12 meters of filament).

[fs-toc-omit]Memorable corporate gifts for $75

[fs-toc-h2]Gifts for $75

If you're able to increase your per gift budget a little bit, $75 gifts are a great option for your partners, speakers, customers, and other VIPs. Here are the best gifts for $75:

For the coworker with the best playlists

Smartphone Speaker from Bitti Gitti

Winning the German Design Award in 2018 and Treehugger's Best of Green Awards in 2021, the Wooden Sound System works with any smartphone, is crafted entirely out of wood, and doesn’t need electricity or special connections. Its specially engineered inner sound tunnel and rings increase music volume by 400%.The unique acoustical properties of birchwood deliver a warmer tone, smoother highs, and more prominent bass.The marbling process is applied individually by hand. Each marbled Wooden Sound System is one-of-a-kind, the perfect combination of precision and spontaneity.

For the office happy hour

Monje Orange Wine from Tinto Amorio

A 7-day skin-contact orange wine with a little disco for your palate. Babes love him, crafted to get everyone grooving, and always the talk of the party. Serve chilled. Tasting notes: Exotic mandarin orange, amber peach, bright and juicy, with some mendo funk on finish.

For the client with a sweet tooth

Edible Cookie Dough 4 Pack from DŌ

Craving some cookie dough? DŌ's best selling, safe-to-eat cookie dough flavors are available all in one pack! Each Best Seller Cookie Dough Pack includes 4 cookie dough-filled containers. Each container of edible cookie dough is approximately 8 oz.

For the CEO on the go

Ostrichpillow GO

Crafted with an elegant design and high-density memory foam offering 360º natural ergonomic neck support, this makes for the ideal travel companion for the modern nomad that wants to enjoy the luxury feeling of home, anywhere. The smart high-density memory foam allows the GO pillow to fit into it’s included travel convenient bag half its size. Thanks to the velcro strap and the softness of the viscoelastic sleeve, you will feel like you have a perfect custom fit to help you drift off into dreamland.

For the work stress

Acupressure Ear Seeds from WTHN

Ear seeds carry a deep legacy in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a wellness tool used to reduce stress, relieve pain, restore hormonal balance and more. Place these tiny adhesive beads on various acupressure points (also known as acupuncture points) to stimulate relief and promote overall wellness. Remove seeds after 3-5 days and reapply weekly.

[fs-toc-omit]Unique corporate gifts for $100

[fs-toc-h2]Gifts for $100

A $100 gifting budget offers a little more variety! Now, your recipients can choose something really meaningful and useful to them. Here are the best gifts for $100:

For the coworker that doesn't drink

Fiore Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo from Figlia

Figlia's Fiore is bitter, floral and aromatic. Fiore bottles the lushness of Italian gardens and the energy of sidewalk dinners in New York City. It is an ode to the spritz, a token of leisure and a reminder to take your time. It is for sipping with intention. Not for hangovers. It is recommend to pour Fiore over ice, adorned with an orange peel. Includes two 750ml bottles.

For the work from the couch-er

Everlasting Candle

The luxurious and iconic Gold Everlasting Candles with the snow globe inspired handblown Neva vase, is sure to be your new favorite piece of home decor. The clean burning, smoke-free, scent-free solution to ambiance. An elegant and unique steel oil candle that doesn't melt down.

For the customer who takes skin care seriously

Twenty Nine Botanical Serum from Leland Francis

The Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum — a proprietary blend of twenty-nine of the world’s most efficacious, nutrient-rich botanical oils that renew, repair, protect, and tone the skin while delivering supreme moisture. This potent concentration provides optimal ratios of healing phytonutrients, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins. Revitalizes and brightens so your healthiest skin always shines through.

For the day before the big launch

Guided Meditation from Tamara Edwards

During one 40-minute individual or couples session you will learn techniques for everyday living, understand the basics mechanics of meditation and its benefits, and have real-time practice and space to explore questions and insights that may come up. There are no prerequisites for becoming a meditation practitioner, one must only be curious enough to try it. Tamara makes meditating fun and easy. You are guaranteed to laugh during your time together.

For the techy

Hoverbar Duo from Twelve South

HoverBar Duo is a moveable arm that attaches almost anywhere, allowing you to use your iPad hands-free in ways you never imagined. In the updated 2nd Gen model, a new quick-release clip allows you to switch from Destktop Stand to Shelf Clamp in seconds! In the kitchen, use the shelf clamp to attach HoverBar to a cabinet, and float iPad above the spills to view recipes or cooking videos. When working, use HoverBar with the weighted base alongside your monitor to display your daily schedule, use Mac Sidecar, write notes or even make hands-free FaceTime calls. HoverBar's clip securely clips to any edge up to 1.5 inches thick. The weighted base enables iPad to be positioned up to 2 feet high or all the way down to the base. Fits all iPad models and sizes, even with most cases attached.

[fs-toc-omit]Creative corporate gifts for $150

[fs-toc-h2]Gifts for $150

Give gifts for $150 to celebrate big events for your coworkers and customers! Some appropriate special occasions include a new partnership agreement or a well-deserved promotion. Here are the best gifts for $150:

For the client with a rain or shine tee time

Vintage Golf Shaft Umbrella from Tokens & Icons

Those old clubs, the kind found in every attic, basement and garage, given one more chance to drive a smile. After the club heads were removed to craft bottle openers, the steel club shafts have been transformed into unique umbrellas. Guaranteed conversation-starter on the links.

For the hybrid work commute

The Mini Luncher from Modern Picnic

Yes, it’s a lunchbox - perfect for the little things. With an insulated interior and vegan leather exterior, you can pack your food and no one would ever know what was inside. The insulated interior will keep your food cool + is easily wipeable in case of those accidental spills. Packing your own food is faster, cheaper, healthier and now chicer.

For the wino on your team

Wines from BOXT

Handcrafted at their winery in Napa with grapes sourced from around the world, they use a taste-first blending approach to craft their premium wines so you can enjoy a beautiful glass of wine you know you are going to love, every single time. Their four-bottle format is delivered in a beautiful, wooden, eco-friendly BOXT and stays fresh for six weeks once tapped, so you can enjoy a glass or two without waste of an unfinished bottle. They source their wines sustainably, their BOXT is 100% compostable, and one BOXT has 50% less CO2eq than a single bottle. Oh, and they plant a tree for every BOXT they make!

For the customer that needs a reset

The Elysium Retreat Package from Derek Juno

A unique experience that will recharge anyone's batteries! Elysium Retreat is everything someone would need to conduct their very own personal retreat. The two-day self-led personal development retreat package guides retreat goers through a formal review of their last year and through fourteen impactful personal development exercises that will leave them buzzing with excitement over their upcoming year and beyond! They will take a two day break from the screens, the noise, and the rat-race of life to focus and work on themselves.

For the teammate who loves plants

3-Month Succulent Subscription from Surfside Succulents

The gift that keeps on giving! Enjoy 3 monthly shipments of premium succulents, complete with care instructions and identification cards. Each month, you will receive three different potted 2-inch live succulents.

[fs-toc-omit]Unique high-end corporate gifts for $250

[fs-toc-h2]Gifts for $250

Gifts in the $250 range are ideal for celebrating special occasions with your customers and employees. Luxury, high-end corporate gifts can be a great way to make a lasting impression that aligns with your brand. Here are the best gifts for $250:

For the foodie

Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye Steak from Crowd Cow

A show-stopping, finely marbled A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye, cut to 3/4-inch thickness. The ribeye is intensely marbled, decadent, umami-laden, with an unforgettable, rich mouthfeel. At Crowd Cow, the mission is to create an alternative to the current meat commodity system, and to create a meaningful connection between the farmer and the customer, so people can know and appreciate exactly where their food comes from.

For the mornings in the garden

Garden in a Box from Plantgem

This garden in a box has 36 different varieties of seed tubes, so you can plant and play and start seeds to your hearts content. All of these varieties are chosen because they are both easy to grow and a unique, unusual variety so that you'll be growing a flower garden like nothing you could just go buy at a big box store.

For the avid golfer

Blank Canvas Carry Bag from Random Golf Club

A hybrid of all bags, designed to hold a full set but is also small enough to use with a half set and not feel too large. Made with a waxed canvas body and suede accents, this bag will weather nicely over time and be able to tell a story of its own.

For the at-home PT treatment

Scraping Essentials from Sidekick

When you can't make it to your physical therapist or Chiropractor, this bundle from Sidekick is the next best thing. With this bundle, you get our professional-grade Echo muscle scraper, paired with our lower body specialist scraper the Eclipse, a Revive Emollient Spray, and a cleaning cloth all safely stored in our Capsule multi-tool case.

For the coworker who hosts a lot

3-Month Charcuterie Box Subscription from Platterful

Ready for the perfect date-night-in, to be deemed the host with the most or to take the crown as best gift giver ever? Platterful's step-by-step instructions make it SO easy to create your masterpiece. In each of their kits, they include a step-by-step instructional sheet to walk you through how to make the perfect board and create incredible flavor combinations. More of a visual learner? Fear not, they've got you covered there too! Each worksheet comes with a QR code. Scan that to be redirected to our tutorial videos... they're customized for each box!

[fs-toc-omit]Give personalized gifts to each unique recipient

We picked the most unique corporate gifts available in the Loop & Tie Marketplace, and there are tons of great options for every customer and team member on your list. Simply select a gift collection that fits your budget and send to your recipients via email! Get started for free.

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