[Guide] How to build a gifting program without compromising your brand values
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[Guide] How to build a gifting program without compromising your brand values

Your company values should permeate every touchpoint in your business. (Yes, that includes your gifting program!)
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Use this guide to: 

  • Understand why brand values and gifting go together like peas in a pod
  • Get ideas for integrating gifting into your existing company practices
  • Find our step-by-step guide to build your own corporate gifting program 

What does gifting have to do with my company’s brand values?

Great question! We know it might seem like a stretch, but gifting is actually very closely tied to brand values. 

If you’re striving to build a connected brand, every touchpoint between the brand, employees, and customers should integrate your core values in meaningful ways. And yes, that includes your gifting program.

Let’s break down why 👇

Gifting programs can:

  • Reinforce your brand identity
  • Reflect causes you care about most
  • Nurture trust and loyalty with customers
  • Strengthen company culture
  • Encourage authenticity

Remember: gifts are a catalyst for connection, so use them wisely!

The tangible benefits of showcasing your brand values through gifts

We understand that most companies want to see ROI from gifting programs. Whether you are focused on employee appreciation efforts, showing customers some well-deserved recognition, or using gifts as part of larger marketing campaigns, leadership will always ask the million dollar question…

What’s in it for us?

We got your back! There are several ways to prove that building a corporate gifting program that reflects your company’s values is a worthwhile investment.  

Brand Perception

Aligning your gifting program with company values strengthens your brand's perception. How?

Your gifts to customers, clients, and prospects act as opportunities to reinforce your brand and keep the company top of mind and cultivate customer happiness. If your gifting program aligns with your core principles, people will take notice. In fact, a recent study found that brand image significantly improves when a company invests in corporate social responsibility!

How to measure ROI:

Employee engagement

A values-driven gifting program boosts employee morale by showing that the company cares about more than just profits. The team feels like they’re part of something bigger that highlights your commitment to making a positive impact. 

How to measure ROI:

  • Employee retention
  • Job satisfaction rates
  • Team feedback (ex: thank you notes)

Building an intentional gifting program can create a deeper connection between the brand and its stakeholders, and showcasing your values can be good for your bottom line. 

That’s a win-win 🙌

How to build a values-based corporate gifting program (without added stress)

We’re glad you’re ready to create a gifting program that reflects your company’s core principles! You came to the right place. 

In this section we’ll cover use cases for your program, what not to do as you set it up, and how to use Loop & Tie to set up your low-stress gifting plan. 

What do we mean when we say your gifting program can reflect your brand values? We mean that you can show how your company cares about people, causes, and experiences, not just dollars in, dollars out. 

Partnering with Loop & Tie for your corporate gifts demonstrates your commitment to being part of something bigger in four big ways:

  1. Show your support for small businesses. Our unique collections aren’t just full of great goodies – they’re also chock-full of products from small businesses, including many woman-owned, BIPOC-owned, and LGBTQ-owned vendors!
  2. Support good causes through giving. Sometimes the best gift is the opportunity to give back. Many Loop & Tie collections include the option to donate the value of a gift to a charity of the recipients’ choice. 
  3. Use environmentally conscious practices. Our team sources small-batch goods and delivers them in re-usable, recyclable packaging to cut down waste. We also offset the emissions of each shipment with a carbon regeneration program.
  4. Let your recipient choose their gift. We call this choice-based gifting and it’s a great way to show giftees that what they care about matters! Nurture stronger relationships by allowing people to select what resonates most with them. 

Key use cases for your corporate gifting program

Does anything feel better than getting a great gift? (Except maybe a 2 hour massage – which would make a great gift!)

If you’re curious about gifts as a tool for building and strengthening relationships but not sure where to start, here are three ideas:

🎁 Marketing & Sales use case: Send gifts to potential customers or clients to establish rapport.

🎁 Customer success/experience use case: Show current customers that they are appreciated throughout the year.

🎁 Human resources use case: Create a program that focuses on employee appreciation and recognition.

There are more use cases than just these three, but these are our absolute favorite ways to integrate gifting. 

What are the do’s and don’ts of a values-based gifting program?

While many organizations have gifting programs, their programs are not always in alignment with the values of the brand, customers, and employees. We talk to folks every day who want to bring all three in alignment, so we know a thing or two about what to do and what to avoid. 


Give your recipients options so they can decide which gift fits their wants, needs, and desires most.  

✅ Be aware of cultural differences and preferences so you can avoid gifts that might be perceived as inappropriate or insensitive. 

✅ Tailor gifts to the recipients to make them more meaningful. 

✅ Create a process for collecting feedback on your gifting program(s) so you can keep tweaking and optimizing them. 


❌ Be performative or inauthentic! The point of a value-led gifting program is to stay true to your brand values, not to project a certain image.  

❌ Only send branded items, especially single-use or low quality items that won’t stand the test of time.

❌ Overlook the preferences your recipients, as this can be more wasteful than helpful. 

❌ Let the cost of great gifts deter you from giving more intentionally. You can build a great gifting program on a budget

5 steps to build a value-aligned gifting program with Loop & Tie 

Step 1: Define the brand values your programs should embody. 

  • What is your company’s unique value proposition?
  • What is your company’s mission?
  • What do your employees, leaders, and investors care about?
  • What do your customers care about?

Step 2: Decide what types of programs/use cases match your business objectives. 

  • Get your team involved to see where gifting can be integrated and bring a positive impact. 
  • What existing company practices do you already have that could be improved with a gifting program?

Step 3: Set up your Loop & Tie account to get started. 

  • Define your program budget. 
  • Review the collection options or curate your own collection based on your business’ specific needs. 

Step 4: Customize the experience for a more intentional, branded program.

  • Identify any touch points where tailored messaging could improve the recipient’s experience. 
  • Create thoughtful, on-brand templates tailored to your program.

Step 5: Gather feedback to refine and improve your strategy. 

  • Keep optimizing your program to fit the needs of your company, employees, and customers!
  • Use thank you notes, redeemed gift information, and surveys to get better data. 


Aligning your gifting program with your company values is a powerful way to strengthen your brand and build meaningful, authentic relationships. Added bonus: it’s easy to get started!

Ready to send gifts that are part of something bigger? Sign up to start sending gifts right away, or book a demo for a gifting consultation with our team.

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