3 Resolutions for your 2023 corporate gifting programs
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3 Resolutions for your 2024 corporate gifting programs

This year, commit to these three gifting resolutions to help you celebrate those you work with, be a more responsible consumer, and steward of our planet.
Erin Fry

Erin Fry,

‘Tis the season of goal-setting and resolution-making. 

How many of you have ever gone through an exercise of setting resolutions for different business activities or programs? I don’t mean specific goals or objectives you hope to achieve with the initiative. I mean, specific habits or behaviors you’d like to improve. 

When it comes to corporate gifting, here are three resolutions every company should make to ensure its programs are giving back to its people and customers, the planet, and their communities. 

Resolution #1: I will take care of the people who take care of my company

This resolution is important all of the time, but especially right now.

The past couple of years have been tough on everyone. Thinking about the recession and recent layoffs can have people feeling like the future is bleak. But you can help.

Show your employees and clients that you’re there for them and that you’re grateful for them. A great way to demonstrate this is by showing you support them and the goals they’re working toward. During this time of year, several people set resolutions to help better themselves. Whether they’re looking to improve their physical wellness, learn a new skill, or dedicate time to slowing down, our gift collections have options that can help. But, this isn’t the only time of year to show you care.

Here are some key gifting opportunities for employees to consider as you’re planning out employee engagement programs. Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day, personal and professional milestones, and role-specific holidays like Nurses’ Day can help boost loyalty and retention.

When thinking about gifting occasions for customers, consider Customer Appreciation Day, customer milestones, and company accomplishments as a way to engage your clients throughout the year. These opportunities can be folded into loyalty programs, reward programs, and customer relationship management strategies. 

As you celebrate those you work with throughout the year, consider using Loop & Tie for your gifting needs. By letting your recipients show you what they want or need through our gift-of-choice platform, you’re helping take care of them and celebrating their individuality. 

Let’s make 2023 the year we will all be more intentional in sharing gratitude for those we work with. 

Resolution #2: I will be a responsible consumer

It is scary easy to go online and bulk order tumblers or sweatshirts to give out at a conference or company holiday party. But is that the responsible thing to do?

You may be supporting the production of goods that are created in poor working conditions and that negatively impact the environment. As we’ve evolved into this age of transparency where consumers demand more from brands, it’s easier to be more responsible in whom we choose to support with our purchases.

An easy way to be a more responsible consumer when it comes to gifting is to support small business makers and creators. These companies are vital to our economy and communities. Small businesses employ millions of people and are more likely to be actively engaged in giving back to their communities

At Loop & Tie, we are passionate about supporting these independent artisans. This year alone, we’ve supported over 410 small businesses helping us improve economic equity and sustainability. Choosing to partner with these vendors has allowed us to connect gift recipients with women-owned, BIPOC-owned, and LGBTQIA+-owned businesses they may not be familiar with.

Join us in resolving to be more responsible consumers in your gift-giving initiatives this year.

Resolution #3: I will be a good steward of our planet

When you purchase a business gift, do you think through the impact you’re making on the planet? Not just the impact of giving the gift to someone, but the impact of creating the gift all the way through getting it to your recipient?

Business gifting can be one of the most wasteful activities with 40% of gifts being unwanted and therefore thrown away or donated. Further, 146M metric tons of plastic are used to ship gifts and packages each year. 

Loop & Tie was founded to combat this.

As you engage in gifting this year, consider how you can help reduce waste. A gift-of-choice platform like Loop & Tie is a good start. When recipients have the opportunity to select a gift, they’re more likely to use it. Plus, gifts through Loop & Tie support small business makers or charities, if donated forward. And to make it even better, as the first and only carbon regenerative gifting platform, Loop & Tie plants a tree for each gift shipped.

Say it with us now: I will gift more intentionally this year by enabling my recipients to choose their gift or gift-it-forward to causes they’re passionate about, which helps reduce gift waste. Check out our list of best corporate gifts to get started.

Ready to put these resolutions into action? Send a gift now.

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