Employee gifting helps increase retention, morale, and engagement.


Employers see a 26% increase in engagement via employee-to-employee recognition.


78% of employees say that a welcome back gift as offices open up will help ease the the transition.


86% say that well-being focused gifts in 2021 keep morale up.

How our clients use us.


Monthly Well-Being Choices

Creating a monthly well-being program where employees can choose their wellness option.

Over 60% of users have shown a preference for wellness-related items in the last 12 months. But wellness differs for each person: from puzzles to bath salts to yoga mats and candles – how a person opts to focus on well-being is an Individual choice.

Customization Options:

Set up a monthly gift send to your employees from our curated Wellness options.

Employee Anniversary Programs

With our scheduling tool, you can set this up … and let it run itself.

Employees are 5X more likely to stay at their organizations if they are regularly acknowledged for great work and dedication.

Recognition is not meant to be transactional, but for most employee recognition programs, it can be – everyone gets the same thing (if anything). You can set up different Gift Collections for employees based on length of employment, title, and more. Once you set up the collections, schedule their anniversary dates and a gift goes out to them like clockwork. The best part: It will never feel cookie-cutter because they get to choose their gift.

Peer-to-Peer Appreciation


Facilitating the ability for colleagues and managers to send appreciation gifts on their own.

There is a 26% increase in engagement scores when employees give recognition to each other.

Appreciation is meaningful when it comes from both your peers and your manager/HR. Have both types of recognition available in your solutions. With Loop & TIe, you can set up team accounts that allow individuals to send gifts to their peers – from a pre-determined budget.

Customize Your Employee Gifting Program

Customize Employee Gifting Program

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