Gifts that give back: Loop & Tie + 10 Million Women
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Gifts that give back: Loop & Tie + 10 Million Women

Read about Loop & Tie’s partnership 10 Million Women, an organization focused on driving change and equity for women worldwide.
Loop and Tie

Loop and Tie,

In honor of Women’s Equality Day on August 26, Loop & Tie has partnered with 10 Million Women to develop a collection supporting women-owned businesses. When you send a gift, your recipients feel appreciated. When you send a gift from Loop & Tie + 10 Million Women, you can feel good knowing you’re giving a gift that gives back.

Driving change for women worldwide

10 Million Women is an organization with which we share a common cause: to do good in the world. They are dedicated to helping women around the world improve their quality of life through education and employment opportunities. Their goal is to enable 10 million women to achieve employment inclusion and equality, and they are well on their way working with nearly 10,000 women in 18 countries. Together, Loop & Tie and 10 Million Women are working to promote gender equity by making the corporate gifting market available to women-owned businesses. 

10 Million Women gives back

By helping women-owned businesses find new opportunities to scale and grow, 10 Million Women is enabling these businesses to create jobs and improve the living standards of their communities. Plus, because they believe strongly in the power of education to reduce inequity and drive economic growth, they donate 10 percent of their profits to education and employment programs for women.

Supporting artisanal tradition 

As mass production has become the norm, some artisanal traditions are at risk of being lost to history. The talented women who create these gifts are from culturally rich yet economically disadvantaged communities in countries like Mexico, Nepal, and India. By creating demand for these goods, 10 Million Women hopes to keep these important traditions alive for future generations.

Are you ready to send a gift that gives back? Send our 10 Million Women collection today.

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