89 corporate holiday gifts for clients & employees (that don't feel so corporate)
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89 corporate holiday gifts for clients & employees (that don't feel so corporate)

Last holiday season, our customers sent over 70,000 gifts through Loop & Tie! It's safe to say we know a thing or two about giving great gifts.
Bridget Poetker

Bridget Poetker, Director of Growth

It's the holiday season and you know what that means... you don't have to count how many cookies you eat for two whole months!!

It's also time to show your clients and employees some appreciation as the year is wrapping up. 🎁🎁🎁

But what kind of corporate gifts should you give? Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, especially when you're looking for budget-friendly gift options or personalized bulk gifts.

Last holiday season, our customers sent over 70,000 gifts through Loop & Tie! It's safe to say we know a thing or two about giving great gifts.

We're going to show you the best holiday gift options available from small businesses and the easiest, fastest way to send them out. Whether you're sending gifts to your employees, clients, other business partners, or friends and family we'll make sure that everyone feels extra appreciated this holiday season.

[fs-toc-omit]**How to use our corporate holiday gift guide**

Our gift marketplace is FULL of great gifts but it works a little differently than other platforms...

Instead of sending a single gift of your choosing, you'll send a gift collection from which your recipient will choose their own gift.

On the left here, you'll see a handy-dandy table of contents. Feel free to skip ahead to your ideal price point to see the gift options available in our curated collections. You can also jump to the How it works section to learn more about our tech.

Or just send this as a wish list to your boss & hr 👇

corporate holiday gift guide download

[fs-toc-omit]How to choose the perfect corporate holiday gift for everyone on your list

You don't.

You should give your lucky recipients a bunch of gift options to pick from to guarantee that every gift is the perfect gift.

With a choice-based gifting platform like Loop & Tie, your recipient shops, selects, and ships their own perfect gift from a curated collection (without revealing the price tag).

"The gifts in the various Loop & Tie collections are more unique and elevated than other gifting companies. Gifting through Loop & Tie felt more personal than the other options available. It seemed like my colleagues could choose items that felt special to them—things they actually wanted."
- Kendra C. Employee Gifting Program Manager

When every recipient gets something they want, you create a memorable moment with your people and reduce environmental and spend waste. More on this later. 📌

Most picked corporate holiday gifts

We dug into our data to see which gifts on the Loop & Tie Marketplace are the most popular. And not the most popular to send, but the most popular items picked by gift recipients themselves!

best corporate holiday gifts

1. Boxed Cheese Spreader Set from Lynn & Liana Designs
( #1 Overall)

These beautiful cheese spreaders are made from high-quality stainless steel and come with either a solid Acacia handle or a white ceramic handle.

2. Tin Candle from Kin & Care
(#1 in $25 Gift Collection)

Made from 100% soy wax and made in USA by refugee women who settled here to make a home for themselves. Estimated burn time of 45hr for an 8 oz jar.

3. Heated Neck Wrap from Ostrichpillow
(#1 in $50 Gift Collection)

Heated Neck Wrap provides gentle pressure and calming warmth to ease stressed shoulders and nurture your neck. A smooth reversible fabric cover retains warmth and protects skin for a relaxing, restful experience.

4. Bangles from Bala
(#1 in $75 Gift Collection)

Bala Bangles add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout. Wildly versatile, they can be worn on wrists or ankles for athletic, recreational and domestic activities alike.

5. Air Fryer XL from Uber Appliance
(#1 in $100 Gift Collection)

Create healthier versions of your favorite foods for the entire family by using an Uber Appliance air fryer. Rapid air circulation technology makes it possible to cook with little to no oil while producing delicious, crispy food every time.

Corporate holiday gifts for $25

Our $25 Gift Collection includes 80 gift options and was sent 19,669 times last holiday season.

$25 corporate holiday gifts

6. Mini Turntable Bluetooth Speaker from Crosley

This bluetooth speaker  features a rechargeable lithium ion battery with USB charging, optional carry strap, hands-free calling, and twin-connection mode.

7. Bamboo Dental Floss with Case from Eco Warrior

This natural dental floss is made from cornstarch-based resin, coated with candelilla wax and flavored with spearmint oil. It comes in a natural bamboo case featuring a twist cap to ensure safety, a metal cap dispenser and can be reused.

8. Plant Picks from Savvie Studio

The perfect gift for any plant-loving friend, or a way to have fun with your own plant collection. This plant pick is made of transparent acrylic that reacts beautifully to sunlight and will cast colorful reflections around the room throughout the day.

9. Original LED Spatula from Grillight

The Stainless Steel LED Grilling Spatula is a standard size which makes it great for any griller. Never worry about grilling in the dark again! The super-bright LED flashlight built directly into handle has the perfect aim to light up your whole grill.

10. Whitening Gel from Linhart

Just add a drop of our smooth mint peroxide-based gel on top of your normal toothpaste, and brush normally. It offers an effective, stable, and easy-to-use tooth whitening formula that fits into your everyday routine.

11. Olla Plant Waterer from Pepin

Ollas (or Oyas) is a traditional, natural way to save water, save time, and grow healthier plants. Bury into the soil, fill with water, and watch your plants thrive! It's a porous terracotta pot you bury in your planter and you fill with water.

12. Cabin Spray from Good & Well Supply Co.

Apothecary-style room sprays, ready to transform any space into a cozy cabin in the woods!

13. Seasonings from Gustus Vitae

Each one of these Non-GMO Project Verified artisan seasonings is special in its own way, and together, they're at the core of what you need to transform simple dishes into signature plates. Magnetized backing: tins sticks to your fridge or other metal surface.

14. Eyewear Chain from Craighill

Made from stainless steel Milanese mesh chain — a material commonly found in watch bands — the Eyewear Chain is equipped with silicone loops that secure your frames and allow you to smoothly adjust the chain to your desired length.

15. Viper Balm Lip Plumper from Zizia

This invigorating blend is made for those who love a little heat. With cinnamon, a touch of cayenne, and nourishing oils, this glossy balm is perfectly spiced while also nourishing. Vegan formula with sunflower wax instead of beeswax.

16. MightyFix Clean Living Box from MightyNest

Each month, MightyNest will send you one of their favorite sustainable products so you can make changes that are better for you and the planet. They gather the very best with over 2,000 carefully curated solutions so you can discover new ways to ditch disposables, replace plastic, and eliminate toxins from your life.

17. Handheld Frother from Joe'y

Easily make smooth, rich, creamy froth with the push of a button. Within seconds, froth'y spins at 20,000rpm to give that final touch to your coffee, latte, matcha, and more. AAA battery-powered, batteries not included.

18. Small Packing Cube from NOMATIC

Each packing cube uses a zippered compression system to condense your clothes and maximize your space by 50 percent. Cube is 5" deep and compress down to 2.5". Small Cube: 7.75" L X 7.75" W.

19. Desk Planner from Papier

Structure your week with to-dos, goals, dinner ideas, exercise plans, reminders and more. They're undated and come with easy tearaway pages. Includes 60 pages.

20. GO Air Wireless Earbuds from JLab

The slimmer case is easily accessible, and a strong magnet secures the buds especially when you are on the go. JLab GO Air features touch controls and dual-connect, allowing the earbuds to be used independently. 20+ hours of playtime!

21. Body Soap from Kiyani

Kiyani's biodegradable, vegan formula provides a burst of fresh scents with subtle, floral undertones and creates a gentle, cleansing lather that helps the body maintain its natural moisture.

22. Cake Kit from The Caker

The Caker cake kits are like nothing else in the cake mix game! Choose from Banana Cinnamon Cake, Spiced Carrot Cake, Coconut Raspberry Lime Leaf Cake, and Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Lead Cake Kits.

23. Cove Dish from From the Bay

A small trinket dish that will bring an aesthetic, updated vibe to any space. Color: amber.

24. Chocolate Bars from Askanya

Delicious, gourmet, and ethical chocolates made in Haiti. 100% natural, and handcrafted by women.

25. Dead Sea Salt Jar from LA Salt

Packed full of vital minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sulfates, every grain of dead sea salt is imbued with cleansing, moisturizing, age-defying powers. A simple soak, scrub, or spa treatment will awaken your senses, leaving you renewed, refreshed, and energized. 5lb jar.

Corporate holiday gifts for $50

Our $50 Gift Collection includes 120 gift options and was sent 24,825 times last holiday season.

$50 corporate holiday gifts

26. Detox Drops from HigherDOSE

A nutritionally dense elixir designed to amplify the detox of any sweat session. They've packed in magnesium, marine algae minerals, and chlorophyllin to bind and draw out toxins in the body as you sweat. 30 servings.

27. Muscle Muse from Chillhouse

This natural white jade gua sha eases muscle tightness across shoulders, back, neck, or any area of tension. Muscle Muse is here to massage away stress while promoting lymphatic drainage, decreasing puffiness, and boosting collagen production and blood circulation.

28. Vegan Drinking Chocolates Trio from Elements

Meticulously crafted with clean ingredients, infused with ancient superfoods and inspired by ayurvedic healing. Includes: Roze, Aswagandha, and Tumeric.

29. Organic Wine from 5to9

5to9's winemaker's family has been making wine since the 1300s, when wine was clean, and pure. Our organic wines pair well with the weeknight, 5to9 after your 9 to 5. 500ml bottle.

30. Eye Mask from Ostrichpillow

Eye Mask is made with 6 different layers of high-quality materials that ensure maximum comfort and functionality, making it the perfect eye mask for sleeping. A balanced combination of thickness, density, and softness creates a pleasant, skin-friendly, and breathable experience. And Eye Mask is 100% machine washable.

31. Key Organizer Set from Orbitkey

No more key jingles - perfect for exercise lovers and those who can't stand jingling keys. Made from highly durable yet surprisingly soft TPU Polymer. The soft band material envelops the teeth of your keys - preventing it from scratching your other treasured belongings. Orbitkey is packaged with a D-Ring to attach your car keys.

32. Ceramic To-Go Bowl from W&P

The Porter Bowl is a premium ceramic lunch bowl that features a protective silicone wrap, rigid plastic lid and snap-tight silicone strap. Perfect for transporting your salad, grain bowl or leftovers - wherever life may take you.

33. Lint Roller from STAFF

The roller component is a sticky rubber that picks up unwanted items with ease. Simply rinse the roller under warm water after use and it can be re-used effectively dozens of times.

34. Riserva Olive Oli from Libellula

Like all Libellula extra-virgin olive oil, our 375ml glass bottle of Riserva is grown, pressed, and bottled by our collective of Italian family farmers in the hills just outside Rome. Riserva flavor notes: bright, herbaceous, spicy, undertones of walnut. Chef-recommended pairings: bruschetta, soups, red meat.

35. Financial Planner from Papier

Inside, find helpful articles from money expert Elle Harikleia and a year's worth of undated pages to help you plan, record, and reflect. Make use of monthly tracking tools, six-month and one-year reviews, and space to budget for special occasions – from vacations to birthdays.

36. Pearled Candle from Foton

Foton pearls are natural and burn cleanly with minimal smoke. Use Foton pearls to turn any container into a unique candle - just pour the pearls into a container, insert one of the included wicks, and light it! Refresh, refill, and reuse the pearls with a new wick to make a brand new candle each time you light it.

37. Turkish Towel from Powered by People

These peshtemals are woven on traditional semi-automatic looms in Antioch, Turkey. They are made with sustainable fibers such as cotton and linen. They get softer and more absorbent with every wash. The Turkish towels accommodate heavy usage over many years, which means less waste from your household.

38. UV Toothbrush Purifier Case from Be Lucent

To protect from viruses and bacteria, you can keep your toothbrush in the Aurora case which kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 minutes! The Be Lucent Aurora works with almost all electric and normal toothbrushes.

39. Gummy Vitamin Set from TRYWELL

Vitamin C: Supplementing the body's Vitamin C intake can help stimulate tissue repair, aid in enzyme function to boost immunity and act as an antioxidant to encourage collagen production, resulting in the strengthening of the skin's defenses.

Omega-3 + DHA: Reducing the risk of heart disease, fighting inflammation, assisting muscle recovery and lowering blood pressure are just some of the known benefits of taking Omega 3 + DHA.

40. Home Baked Subarz from Subarzsweets

This popular bar is perfect for any time of day and pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Unlike traditional Italian biscotti, our Subarz is not as hard, making it easy to enjoy without needing to dunk it. Includes 8 bars.

41. A5 Bottle from Memobottle

The A5 memobottle is in a league of its own. It's uniquely slim profile allows it to comfortably slide into the most compact spaces while still keeping you hydrated. Holds 25 ounces.

42. Reef Complex Skin Oil from Haeckles

The combination of these extracts in Reef Complex Skin Oil work synergistically to provide the skin with polysaccharides, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, which help improve the appearance and texture of the skin.

43. Everyday Tissue Box from Areaware

Everybody needs a tissue sometimes. The Everybody Tissue Box fits over the top of a standard cube box of tissues. Designed by Dusen Dusen.

44. SMART Pepper Spray from Plegium

Features include emergency alerts via text including GPS location and call to emergency contacts informing them you are in danger, 130 dB Siren, Strobe LED, maximum strength Pepper Spray including red dye & UV dye to mark the assailant. All features are activated with a push of a button.

45. Outdoor USB-Powered String Lights from Brighttech

Take a standard power pack for charging phones and plug in your lights. These Ambience Pros are better for breaks in nature than solar lights, because you don't need sunlight before you use them. So if you get to your campground and it's cloudy, no problem with USB lights.

Corporate holiday gifts for $75

Our $75 Gift Collection includes 151 gift options and was sent 7,716 times last holiday season.

$75 corporate holiday gifts

46. Rover Pack Mini from Topo Designs

The Rover Pack Mini is made from water-resistant recycled nylons with a cinch top closure. An exterior front pocket and top flap pocket give quick access to smaller items and an internal tablet sleeve keeps your tech secure. Side slip pockets can easily hold snacks or extra gear. Dimensions: 13.5"h x 8.5"w x 3.75"d.

47. Teeth Whitening Kit from Auraglow

Featuring a powerful LED teeth whitening light along with Auraglow's teeth whitening gel, this system is the best teeth whitening kit to achieve a whiter smile at home in just 30 minutes per day.

48. Cast Iron Griddle from Barebones

A reversible cast iron griddle perfect for cooking for a crowd. Use flat side for eggs, crab cakes, and fajitas, then flip to the grill side for burgers, kebabs, and vegetables. Naturally nonstick cast iron heats evenly, so your food is consistently cooked every time.

49. Monje Orange Wine from Tinto Amorio

A 7-day Skin-Contact Orange wine with a little disco for your palate. Babes love him, crafted to get everyone grooving, and always the talk of the party. Serve chilled.

Tasting notes: Exotic mandarin orange, amber peach, bright and juicy, with some mendo funk on finish.

50. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tower Treats

Tall, half-pound peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with a golden outside and a soft, gooey center. Individually packaged in a reusable and recyclable Tower Treats container for freshness. 6 Half-Pound Cookies.

51. Cutting Board from Pinocchio Boards

Handmade in Sonoma, California from sustainably sourced white oak and finished with natural, food-safe oils. The boards are ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip and are perfect for all serving and cutting purposes. Made from one solid piece of wood and are virtually unbreakable. Dimensions: 8"x14".

52. Eyewear Stand from Craighill

Accommodating a wide range of frames, the Eyewear Stand appears to be leaning back, fully reclined. And when you place your glasses on it, a distinct face-like quality emerges—a museum moment with a faint whiff of Groucho Marx.

53. The Original Trio from Cadence

Take this magnetic and leakproof three-Capsule bundle with you outdoors. This bundle features a pill, droplet, and sun icon – for multi-pitch rock climbs, casual dog walks, and everything in between. Each capsule has a 0.56 fl oz capacity.

54. Fabric Shaver from Steamery

This fabric shaver is gentle yet effective and removes lint and pilling from all kinds of materials. With 6 precision razor blades and a large shaving area, this fabric shaver is stronger and more efficient than other fabric shavers on the market.

55. Roses Basketball from round21

This is for the players who leave their heart on the court all day, every day. The Roses basketball by Craig White and round21 is an opportunity to give flowers to players while their journey is still unfolding and their dreams are still in pursuit. Designed for both indoor and outdoor play. Official size (29.5) and weight.

56. Hourglass Roller from Bala

Finally, a simple foam roller. It doesn't vibrate. It won't blend your smoothie. The Hourglass Roller is designed to improve alignment, flexibility, and speed recovery. Your body will thank you.

57. Mini Fridge from Uber Appliance

The Uber Chill Personal Mini Fridge & Cooler is capable of housing up to six 12-ounce cans of four 16.9-ounce bottles of your favorite beverage.

58. Essential Chain from ABLE

The shapes of the links themselves give it a unique but not over-the-top look, making it easy to wear alone or layer. 18" 6x2.5mm drawn cable chain. 14k gold-filled.

59. Life in Pictures Photobook from PRINTWORKS

Our unique Coffee Table photo albums are designed to make the perfect interior detail on any table or bookshelf. Fits two 10x15 photographs on each page with enough space left to write something. Contains 30 acid-free black photo papers of the highest quality, and you can easily attach your photos using our stickers or photo corners.

60. Hydrating Shampoo + Conditioner from MASAMI

Enriched with the nourishing power of the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, this luxurious shampoo is low-foaming and high-performing, adding shine and hydration for all hair types. The deep yet lightweight conditioner nourishes to restore softness, shine, and manageability while soothing the scalp. 10 oz. each.

61. Jetsetter Nail Polish Bundle from Liberation Nails

Choose between a sparkling or more neutral set. Includes their 2-in-1 base and top coat and finish off with their quick-dry drops that will make your mani good to go 1 minute flat, leaving your freshly painted nails protected from nicks, smudges, and accidental bumps.

62. Pet Bowls from S'well

Built with durable, double-walled stainless steel, and a non-slip bottom, these bowls are sure to keep dogs fed and hydrated in style. Non-slip bottom and wide stance for improved stability. Bpa/bps-free and reusable. Dishwasher-safe. Includes (1) 32oz bowl and (1) 16oz bowl.

63. Wiggles Candles + Holders from 54 Celcius

Two charming wiggle candles that will elevate any interior. Includes two elegant candle holders, made of solid brass.

64. The Daily Double Sunscreen from Dune

Soaks into your skin instantly for a bouncy, hydrated look. Invisible on all skin tones, no white cast. Weightless gel cream texture & mass tone. Watery and cooling on skin. Quick-drying and full absorbency. Non-pilling. Includes 1 bottle of The Bod Guard body sunscreen and 1 bottle of The Mug Guard face sunscreen.

65. Disco Ball Planter from Nomatiq

This self-watering disco ball planter will keep you and your plant happy! Simply place your favorite plant inside, add water to the self-watering compartment, and watch your plant bask in all the goodness of its new disco home!

Corporate holiday gifts for $100

Our $100 Gift Collection includes 158 gift options and was sent 16,042 times last holiday season.

$100 corporate holiday gifts

66. The Summit Card Case from Craighill

The Summit Card Case is a new take on the business card case – a place to store, honor, and share key credentials with a decidedly stylish flourish.

67. Waffle Throw from Sunday Citizen

Forget about "decor" blankets. This baby puts comfort first - it looks good, but more importantly, feels terrific. Made with one single layer of Sunday Citizen's soft-to-the-touch Snug fabric, perfect for those warmer months (and for those who run hot!)

68. Guided Meditation or Breathwork Training from Tamara Edwards

Depending on your current needs and experience, Tamara draws on one of the many techniques to guide you in developing a custom meditation practice that fits into your life. One 40-minute session.

69. Deconstructed Bag from Phillip Lim

Unisex utility sling bag in nylon with a side logo patch. Zip top closure with a leather pull tab. Adjustable webbing strap. Can be worn across the body or on the shoulder.

70. Glass French Press from Yield

The glass french press is an evolution of the classic press pot. It is durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Materials: fine mesh steel filter, glass pitcher & lid, copper pull.

71. Double Hammock from Trek Light Gear

The hammock you can sleep in, travel with, camp with, or just hang out in and relax at home. Made from tear resistant parachute nylon with a water-resistant finish. No-Flip design rated to 440lbs.

72. HiRise 3 Wireless Charging Stand from Twelve South

HiRise 3 is an elegant stand designed to wirelessly charge your MagSafe iPhone, Watch, and AirPods at the same time, in a space smaller than an iPhone. The vertical space-saving design creates a more zen-like vibe, ending the clutter of multiple charging cables or a mousepad-sized flat charger.

73. Tequila Luna Blanco from Inspiro Tequila

Inspiro Tequila Luna Blanco is a clean, confirmed additive-free tequila meticulously crafted from 100% agave and rested in oak barrels to create a smooth and sippable blanco tequila with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel with hints of mint and citrus. 750ml, 40% Alc/Vol.

74. NYC Rollerball Parfum from Ourside

Each blend a delicate balance of a story unfolding in perfect harmony. Each fragrance is consciously formulated & leaping bunny-certified and earth & vegan friendly. Each unisex scent is formulated and manufactured in small batches in the Bronx, NY. 10ML rollerball.

75. Neon Sign from Locomocean

Locomocean's glass neons do not get hot and have a low power consumption at only 12 – 24W. All of their lights are fully tested and approved to meet all set safety standards by ETL and they are a listed certified manufacturer for ETL.

76. Mini Mushroom Lamp from Gingko Design

Switch between 7 soft lights and warm white light mode with a gentle tap on the mushroom glass shade or tap again to choose your preferred color. Light up your space with vibrant and vivid colors or set a calming and relaxing mood with its soft, muted shades.

77. Coffee Table Books from Assouline

Assouline is an independent luxury book publisher, retailer, and lifestyle brand founded in 1994 by Prosper and Martine Assouline. Renowned for their highly original graphic concept, Assouline books are works of art that capture culture and bring it to life.

78. Wave Solo from Therabody

This ultra-portable smart vibration therapy device delivers pinpointed pressure and vibration to focused areas for reduced tension and improved movement. Three powerful vibration frequencies and innovative wave texture allow its ergonomic shape to work deep into hard-to-reach areas.

79. 4 Personalized Coffees from Trade

Gift yourself your perfect coffee series. Guided by your preferences, Trade expertly selects from hundreds of coffees to find the roasts you'll love before having each one freshly roasted and shipped directly to your door according to your schedule.

80. Body Cupping Kit from WTHN

Body cupping is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to reduce tension, increase circulation, and support detox. Suction from the cups gently lifts tissue up for a release. With our self-cupping kit, you can achieve these benefits at home. Includes 8 silicone cups.

81. Moonlight Mesa Hand Cream & Wash from Twentynine Palms

A duo to keep hands clean, soft, and nourished—a foaming gel cleanser suitable for frequent use, thanks to its non-stripping, non-drying ingredients. Certified vegan and cruelty-free: not tested on animals.

82. Wyat Candelabra from SIN

A candelabra with indulgent waves that support candlelight glow for every joyous dance party or intimate conversation over dinner. Candles not included.

83. Ready to Drink Cocktails from Oakside Cocktail Co.

Each 750ml bottle comes completely ready-to-drink with 8-10 cocktails; just pour and garnish to your preference. The quality of your favorite cocktail bar shipped directly to your door.

84. Pickleball Paddle from Recess

Recess's paddles are composite paddle and have a durable fiberglass surface with a high quality honeycomb core. Ideal for an impromptu pickleball game with friends or a spontaneous day in the sun!

85. Charcuterie Box from Patterful

Platterful's step-by-step instructions make it SO easy to create your masterpiece. In each of their kits, they include a step-by-step instructional sheet to walk you through how to make the perfect board and create incredible flavor combinations.

[fs-toc-omit]High-end corporate holiday gifts

[fs-toc-h2]Luxe corporate holiday gifts

All of the gifts listed above are affordable, high-quality holiday gift options for your employees and clients. If you're looking for something a little more luxe, we've got you covered! We also have curated gift collections from $250-$1000. Here are a few favorites from our list of luxury corporate gifts:

high end corporate holiday gifts

86. Ceramic Serving Set from Fable

This cohesive set contains everything you need to serve in style—whether it's just you, a few, or the whole crew! Each ceramic piece is organically shaped, one of a kind, and hand-finished in Portugal.

87. Red Light Face Mask from HigherDOSE

Light therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that mimics low-level rejuvenating wavelengths found in natural sunlight. This relaxing and effective treatment warms the skin, boosts your mood, and enhances your natural glow.

88. MW65 Wireless Headphones from Master Dynamic

The ultimate companion for your daily listening or travels, the MW65's are Master Dynamic's lightest over-ear, noise-canceling wireless headphones and feature custom 40mm Beryllium drivers. Up to 24 hours of battery life and charges to up to 12 hours in 15 minutes.

89. Pi Pizza Oven + Gas Burner from Solo Stove

Inspired by the time-honored traditions of Italian pizza chefs, Pi is the choice pizza oven for any backyard artisan. Enjoy a relaxed approach to the timeless craft of pizza making, optimized for heat distribution and minimal heat loss– because you'll want to bake longer with less fuel and better results.

[fs-toc-omit]How Loop & Tie's curated gift collections work

[fs-toc-h2]How Loop & Tie works

📌 Told ya we'd come back to it!

All of the gifts available in the Loop & Tie Marketplace are hand-selected by our team of buying experts! Our inventory is based on a ton of factors, including market trends and best-selling items—and every single one helps support craft makers, small businesses, and local artisans.

Every standard gift collection on Loop & Tie also includes an option to gift-it-forward to donate the equivalent monetary value to a charity of their choice!

There are a couple of options when you're sending Loop & Tie gift collections:

  • Send standard gift collections based on price, occasion, vibe, or brand
  • Send custom gift collections that you create to narrow down marketplace gift options (and add your own swag and other items)

Sending holiday gifts doesn't have to break the bank

And it definitely shouldn't be a surprise when you get the total.

When you gift through Loop & Tie, you'll always know exactly how much you're spending (and saving)! Our standard gift collections are based on price, meaning all the gift options inside the collection are of similar value. This allows you to easily budget for as many gifts as you need.

You can also work backward by setting a total spend and dividing by the number of gifts you're sending out to get your per-gift budget. Then, simply pick the gift collection at that price point!

*Tie Tip: When you send gifts from a Free Loop & Tie account, you'll enjoy low-cost, flat-rate shipping at $5 per gift. Sending more than 100 gifts? Upgrade to Essentials for $500 to get free shipping (plus all our favorite digital branding features) ⚡️

While you can pick a gift collection based on price, your recipients won't see it. They'll only see the available gift selection — the dollar value stays between us. Of course, we can help you with a solution for including the monetary value should it be required for compliance reasons.

Also, when a gift expires or is canceled, its value is automatically added back into your account as Loop & Tie credit, which you can use to send new gifts!

Save money, time, & headaches this holiday season

Our gifting platform has advanced features to help make the gifting process super simple.

  • Instantly send via email: All you need is an email address
  • Perfectly personalized gifts: Recipients shop & select their own gift
  • Gift in bulk: Upload your recipient list & send gifts all at once
  • International items: Celebrate your people all aross the globe
  • Create an experience: Custom packaging, collections, & charities
  • Tracking dashboard: Collect responses & measure spend with built-in tools
  • Stretch your spend: We'll credit you back for unredeemed gifts
  • Automation integrations: Connect Zapier & Salesforce to build workflows

For the gift giver

  1. Pick a gift collection: browse by price-point to send the perfect set of gifts for your recipient to choose from
  2. Customize the experience: make the experience even more memorable with your custom logo, email design, and gift message
  3. Send with just an email address: choose a send date and add their email; we'll collect their mailing address on redemption

For the gift recipient

  1. Delivered straight to their inbox: recipients read your personalized email and follow your custom prompt to choose their gift
  2. They pick their own gift: with choice-based gifting, your recipient shops and selects an item from the gift collection or donates to charity
  3. They enter their physical address: your recipients provide their physical address and add an optional thank you note. We'll send them a shipping confirmation and handle the rest!

Your holiday gifts are part of something bigger

[fs-toc-h2]Sustainability & impact

Traditional corporate gifting can do more harm than good, from the largely unregulated human impact of manufacturing of mass good to the unchecked emissions of millions of deliveries. We're on a mission to make corporate gifting sustainable.

Loop & Tie sources responsible, small-batch goods, delivers them in re-usable, return-able packaging, and offsets the emissions of each shipment through our environmental regeneration initiatives.

Through working with companies just like yours, we have been able to…

sustainable corporate holiday gifts

[fs-toc-omit]Sending holiday gifts for employees & clients

You may be asking: When is the best time to start planning holiday gift sends? The truth is, there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to planning your corporate holiday gift sends. We recommend always starting early and scheduling your gifts!

It’s likely that your company has set budgets for gifting initiatives. Even a small gift can have greater benefits such as retention and loyalty, making the investment worth it. We recommend a minimum budget of $50 per person. Once you have an understanding of your budget, you can quickly identify vendors and gifts that fall within your price range.

*Tie Tip:
Keep in mind the various fees and duties that are applied to gifts sent internationally so there aren’t unexpected expenses!

It’s important to confirm your recipient list(s) so you can accurately plan for the number of employee and customer gifts you’ll be sending. We recommend triple checking this list with HR, team leads, client leads or anyone else appropriate, so no one is accidentally left off.

*Tie Tip:Once you’ve confirmed your recipient list, you can bulk upload and automate your gift sends with a gifting platform, saving you time and limiting room for error.

Last year, 60% of consumers were unable to get a product due to shortages. Product shortages and delayed shipping continues to impact companies and consumers and will certainly be a consideration during the holidays. If you want to make sure your corporate holiday gifts are received during the holiday season, we recommend planning ahead so your gifts have plenty of time to reach the intended recipient and you have time to pivot if needed.

*Tie Tip: We’d recommend starting your corporate holiday gift planning in September so you have time to get all your ducks in a row.

If your holiday gift is delivered while your recipient is on PTO or traveling, there’s a chance they will never receive the gift. This is more common in business settings where gifts, especially food and drinks, may be put in a common break room to share. Planning around someone’s travel but also their location is key to getting your gift to your intended recipient.

*Tie tip: This is where gifting platforms like Loop & Tie have a huge advantage. You can send your gifts via email and rely on your recipients to confirm their address so that they can pick a gift they prefer and it gets to them on their terms.

[fs-toc-omit]Email templates for your business holiday gifts

[fs-toc-h2]Gift email templates

When you’re sending corporate holiday gifts, it’s always a good idea to include a personal note with your send. Whether you’re sending a handful of gifts or hundreds, reinforcing your appreciation for your recipient is key. With Loop & Tie, you can bulk upload email addresses and still personalize your message to each recipient.

Here are four templated options you can use when sending your holiday gifts this year:

Holiday gifts for employees

Option 1

Happy holidays, [First Name]!

It’s been quite the year at [Company Name].

We’re so grateful for your dedication to our team, our customers, and the company we’re building. As a small token of our appreciation, we’ve partnered with Loop & Tie to give you the gift of choice this holiday season, so you can select a gift that is meaningful to you.

As we've worked on our sustainability and equity initiatives, we're excited to offer this carbon regenerative gift experience with an assortment of gifts that support minority-owned, women-owned, and local businesses. In case you'd like to pay it forward, we've also included a few charities that support our beliefs and values.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends, and look forward to next year!



Option 2

Hi, [First name],

As I look back on the past year, I can’t help but marvel at all that we’ve accomplished. I know [Company Name] would not be the same without you.

In a year with its highs and lows, I cannot thank you enough for the ways in which you showed up for our team and customers. To celebrate you and this past year, I wanted to send you a small token of appreciation.

We’ve partnered with Loop & Tie this holiday season to send you the gift of choice so you’re able to select a gift that is meaningful to you.

As we've worked on our sustainability and equity initiatives, we're excited to offer this carbon regenerative gift experience with an assortment of gifts that support minority-owned, women-owned, and local businesses. In case you'd like to pay it forward, we've also included a few charities that support our beliefs and values.

I hope youa great holiday seaso



Holiday gifts for clients

Option 1

Happy holidays, [First Name]!

It’s been a great year and I’m so grateful for our amazing customers like you! I’m looking forward to continuing our partnership in the New Year.

To celebrate the end of the year, I wanted to give you the gift of choice through our partner, Loop & Tie. We're excited to offer this carbon regenerative gift experience with an assortment of gifts that support minority-owned, women-owned, and local businesses. In case you'd like to pay it forward, we've also included a few charities that support our beliefs and values. My hope is that you’ll select a gift as meaningful to you as you are to us.

I’m wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons and a great New Year.



Option 2

Hi, [First name],

What a year it has been! I’m so grateful to have customers like you and look forward to what we accomplish next year.

To celebrate a great year and holiday season, I hope you’ll enjoy a gift of your choice through our partner Loop & Tie. My hope is that you’ll select a gift as meaningful to you as you are to us.

I’ll see you in the New Year!



[fs-toc-omit]Send your corporate holiday gifts in minutes

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