Connecting in Disruptive Times
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Connecting in Disruptive Times

Read this blog to learn how to connect during disruptive times.
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connecting in disruptive times loop and tie

Let’s just say it: There’s a lot going on.  

While these are unprecedented times where we are collectively coining “social distancing,” we know that human connection is paramount in moments of disruption.

Even as teams go remote, client meetings go virtual, and events remain in flux, one thing is certain: we need to keep connecting. 

To that end, here are 7 ideas and resources to do just that: Connect.

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It sounds simple, but in a time period where everyone is sending out their Corona Virus update, an email where you are checking in goes a long way.  No asks, no pitches, no requests. With people at their computers more, email can be a moment of positive connectivity. 


work from home social distancing corona virus loop and tie

If your team has never been remote but now has to be, set up a meeting to talk through remote working and how it will work. Everyone wants clarity, especially in uncertain times, and the more clarity you can provide upfront the better. Here’s a great article from Coach Leah Bonnvissuto on How to Lead a Team that is Suddenly WFH.


connections email

Remember when silent discos happened and no one really believed in them until they did? This is that time for virtual meal meet-ups. Eat a meal together while video-conferencing, or have a happy hour in this way. Want to make it even better? Send the person you’re talking to a  gift that arrives before your meeting. Loop & Tie is a perfect solution allowing your guests to choose whatever they want or need most!


canceled events social distancing corona virus loop and tie

It does not seem like the time to celebrate or throw a party, and it may not be. But communities thrive on the chance to do something light-hearted even in the face of uncertainty. Watch a movie while everyone is on Zoom. Live tweet the binge-watching of a TV show with your chosen community. Find a moment to do something that is collectively loved and share it. 


virtual meditation social distancing corona virus loop and tie

Join a virtual group meditation or workout group. Use this time to engage in group activities such as work out classes, meditation practices, and more through the comfort of your screens. Here’s a meditation and grounding opportunity lead by Zen Meditation teacher Deborah Eden Tull happen on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 12:00 pm EST. 


social distancing corona virus loop and tie quarantine

New information about this global pandemic is coming minute by minute and can begin to feel like an overload. Encourage the importance of being available to each other by sending texts, Slack messages, WhatsApp - taking a more personal approach to each form of communication can help. This also means being able to step back if you need to. 


social distancing corona virus loop and tie be nice

Smile at someone. Send a gift. Send a meal. Write a letter. Take the time to connect in a way that feels personal. Know a colleague or team member that may live by themselves, are new parents, or just feel that they could use help? Set up a Meal Train.


Whichever route you choose, the Loop & Tie team is available to connect. Even if you just want to send an email to share the latest update on COVID-19. We are here. 

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